Saturday, September 3, 2011

Share the surplus - tree felling and a good use of Twitter

I sometimes tweet on Twitter. I don't know why I am doing it, nobody cares, and this leaves me feeling a bit silly.
I've just had this strange scene unfold under my kitchen window. If we tweeted the right things to the right people, we could become black-belts of permacultures 3rd goal 'Share the Surplus'.

 Some trees had to be cut down, to start construction on the new Harborside Park. Limbs were lying around everywhere, uselessly.

What if the owners of fireplaces were all 'following' the tree loppers on Twitter.   'Come and get it!' they could tweet. Neigbours would appear, carry home the logs, and the muscly guys could knock off at 10am instead of 1pm, saving three smokey, stinky, ear-splitting hours shattering it all into wood chips.


The pile of chips started composting, rapidly. Steam was rising. Somebody panicked. Foam was sprayed all over the place, by a new set of burly men. They tell me the foam is made of detergent, and will help keep oxygen out of the pile.  I wonder if the chips are now too toxic for gardens?

The imaginary gardeners who follow the tree loppers on Twitter could have come and taken away the mulch, for free.

Then the gardeners who follow the firemen on Twitter could have give them some helfpul advice, and let them leave their truck at home. Advice such as 'Make smaller piles' or 'Syphon off the heat'. The compost-powered showers of the Permaculture Convergence was one of the highlighs of my 2010.

I wonder what other uses for a smoking pile there are?

I wonder what truly useful twitter connections I could be making, to dive in and share someone's surplus, while its hot?

Fireman outside my Balmain House
Blokey, isn't he. Actually, rather hot.

Please share with me your good advice on how I could use Twitter, with purpose and dignity in my tweets xxx


the Gardener said...

Hi Cecilia, I found your blog by clicking the "next blog" button.
I'll readily admit I'm not a twitter pro, but the people in social media who love Twitter all seem to say the same thing - and that is to find other people that have interesting things to say, and engage them in conversation. I also use twitter to track news and industry organizations. Best of luck! (I'm @heironymuse, in case you'd like to check me out and say hi)

Tricia said...

I'm not much of a twitter user, so can't offer any advice... but wanted to say I love your thinking. have you heard of collaborative consumption? I'm sure you have, but if you havn't check out

Natasha Kuperman said...

Hi Cecilia,
Social media is a great way to get the word out about opportunities such as free mulch (and hot firemen)! I posted on Facebook about excess mulch local to me and it was gone within a few days. I am building a site that would be perfect for you to post future permaculture opportunities at - and - would love to have you involved :)