Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11 and the Lemonade Stalls of Spring - Sydney Children out saving the world

On my way home from the Strathfield Spring Festival, I had the highlight of my day - Children out in front of their house, selling lemonade and coconut ice.

Very blue, sugary coconut ice, just like I used to make when I was 10

Very happy children, with a purpose to their day, and to their life.

They are raising money for a village in Kenya. Look what good business people they are, with seductive specials in their pricing strategy.

When I asked them if they had a lemonade stand website I could google, to tell my friends about their lovely project, one ran and got a poster from her mum, across the road.

Look how the bike out the front porch matches the project.
Sometimes, when we just do what we love, our lives become 'All of a Piece', with every part fitting into every other part.
Her brother greeted me at the door with his paint-spattered clothers.
Another generative, useful and happy kid, changing the world. Or at least, changing the living-room wall.

Peoples dreams always make them beautiful.

Kipepo means 'Butterfly' in Kenyan. You can learn more about the Kipepo Project here, and maybe buy the greeting cards they sell.

I want to buy the children, take them home and do projects together. 
Maybe I should make my own.

I love doorsteps and edges, quiet curbs, and how creative projects can bring people together.

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Jack said...

what on earth is coconut ice and do you have a recipe?