Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Flowers at Apple Store Sydney: why are we so sad? Missing Steve Jobs

I've loved Japan for 19 years, but I didn't cry for the Tsunami. I've only loved Apple for one year. Still, the minute I heard the news, tears sprinkled themselves all over everything, all the morning, missing Steve Jobs. 


Since I moved to Sydney, the Apple Store has been my cathedral.

Surprise and delight
I would get clarity and inspiration to do creative things for the rest of the week. 
Amazed at how Apple design principles mimic Permaculture Design principles, I dug up their designers manual.
Everything you need to know about making life simple, rich and interesing is here.
Google 'Apple Web Design Guide' 
PDF and I don't know how to link it in this blog

A kind of Paradise.


How can I thank Steve Jobs, for filling every day of my year with elegance, with simplicity and with power to get things done?

I could use my Mac to live an amazing life. 

There is nothing else to do.

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Øyvind Holmstad said...

I hope you know that Macs and iPhones are filled with Christopher Alexander's pattern technology?

- The Pattern Technology of Christopher Alexander: