Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Name this elegant cat - Couple's balcony garden brightens Balmain

A prize for whoever guesses the name of this cat of distinction.

This doorstep garden features two chairs, two standard roses, two black-and-white cats. 
It is all held together by a fine layer of AstroTurf. 
Even colors are limited to two:  red, white and blue. 

I pass this house more often than necessary. The door is often open, with music spilling out, and lovely art to be seen on the walls.

This couple are enjoying their life, and so am I. 

1 comment:

Tamara and Ducky have the same squinty right eye :) said...

I'm guessing his name is mischief :)

I recently saw some astroturf in Whyalla. It grew the best edible weeds around its edges, collecting water for them!