Monday, October 24, 2011

Time warp in the streets of Balmain - the Weekend Report

Scooter. The most charming, clever polite dog in the world

Scooter and I went for our morning walk. The destination this time was Lynn's house, two blocks away.
Lynn is Scooter's former neighbor, and firm friend.  Her laugh is lovely to hear, and her eyes smiley, both good reasons to visit.

There it was, a storybook stone house that was once the corner store, with dotted cotton net curtains. The door was open, the radio on.
'Yoo-hoo', I called out, because that cry seemed to fit the era of this house.
No reply.
Then from around the corner strode Lynn, with a jug in  hand - she had just popped out to the neighbors to borrow some milk.

I'm in a time warp here, in amongst the little houses of Balmain Peninsula.

The public sidewalk drinking bowl

People extend hospitality to strangers.

'Free to good home'. Just the door. Never the dog.

People share their surplus.
This door would make a beautiful cover for your balcony garden wall-tank, if you have one. 

Someone in this house will sign affidavits - just pop in, for free, anytime.
How lucky is this. I look at my 'to do' list for the weekend, and it says
'Get documents signed for Laura's Visa'.
And around the corner is where you can do it.

 They might be my gardening mates too. 

Now I'm inspired to go and ask for a cup of milk from one of My neighbours, just to activate the connections. 
Inspired in theory, but obviously timid, as I haven't done it yet.
Do you think I will do it?
A nook of Lynn's festive courtyard garden

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