Monday, November 14, 2011

Haunted Cafe


Visiting a wise old friend in the next neighborhood, I stumbled upon a big find. 
A Haunted Cafe.

A stylish ghost from decades past said 'Come in for Tea'.
So I did.
I carry a Japanese thermos with me always, but I came in anyway.

Of course I did.
Wouldn't you?

A man came out. He probably grew up here.
Now he is an old man.

I said 'a Cup of tea please'. Then things started to happen.
He delved into plastic-covered shelves, slipped away. He some measuring, some fetching, some assembleing, some searching and finding.  I was getting a bit worried, because my parking meter was expiring.
Then I decided that you are meant to experience risk and loss at haunted cafes, so I settled in to do what his cafe is expert in.
Wating for the minutes to tick past. Without interuppting.
A good long stretch of minutes.

The tea came. There were many vessels.
A haunted house tea ceremony.

 He rang up 2.90 on the register. 
Then he carefully wrote a figure in a big book.

He sold ice cream, sweets, cigarettes, and tea. Just as promised.
That's how he lives his life.

I've been marveling at how resistant I am to doing new things in the first year of my new life, in my new city of Sydney. 

Maybe if I come back to the haunted tea room, the man of my dreams will walk in. 
Of the bus, maybe. 

All my resistance to life will melt into sweetness.

But the chances aren't marvelous.


Melissa Louise said...

Hi Cecelia... I have just stumbled upon your blog in the past few days (you may have noticed me lurking!)

I live very nearby, and walk past this cafe often, though I'm always to scared to go in (more of food poisoning than ghosts!) but considering you've lived to tell the tale, I'm inspired to go in for a cup of tea.

Your blog is just lovely, and I've already got a million ideas and plans forming in my head to improve my own little balcony garden... Thank-you for the inspiration!

Hope your day sparkles as it should x

Cecilia Macaulay said...

Thank-you Melissa Louise, Im so glad you are having fun here at my blog.

Tell me how the Haunted visit goes.

Sparkle? Yes, I should go and get me some more sparkle for today. Done!