Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sydney's Sculptures by the Sea, inspiring 'Edge gardeners' to create new worlds

Domestic Bliss by Peter Tilley

A little sculpture, Peter Tilley's Domestic Bliss turned out to be the one that went straight to my heart.

It is a blessing to consider this rocky, windswept world, from the comfort of cat, chair and a well-cut coat. 

My cat and chair are far away, in another city, waiting for me to find my next beloved house.
Hang on in there, Galliger!
Lion Sculpture

Spiderweb and Sea

I liked this because:
   * Its pretty and dainty
   * I don't wear jewelery myself, so have to enjoy what tinkly, sparkley things come my way
   * I get this sculpture made fresh, every winter morning, in my own gardens. For free!
And mine catch mosquitos and bugs.

Love your spiders.

I liked this Dr. Seuss style way of constructing a tree.
Poor tree, poor cyborg tree. All alone.

We are no good alone.

Thats the way.

I was so happy to see this, a flotilla of boats, sailing though the forest.

What are you doing here, looking so lost?

Oh my!

Steve Webb, children's garden designer & Family.

This excursion was one of my Tim Ferriss Meetups, a way for me to find interesting new friends in my new city of Sydney.  

It was great having Steve Webb and his big family come along.
Steve is a Permaculture Designer, doing work I love. He creates edible children's gardens, full of improvised gadgets, constructions, and real-life artworks. I love his Chicken Palace/Pirate ship with subterrainian 'telephone' pipe that you can really communicate on.

Steve, it was a lovely surprise to have the company of you and your beautiful family. 
I haven't eaten fish and chips on the beach with children, since it was us 7 Macaulay children. 

Our family had crazily happy times, with all those lovely children.
Parents are special people.

If you live in Sydney, Id love to see you at the Tim Ferriss Lifestyle Designers Meetup, for plotting and doing extraordinary things.

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Anju said...

I like the cat drawings... I'm afraid my left hand is way to useless to even draw a shark fin! :D
I also quite like the Dr. Seuss Tree picture!