Monday, January 2, 2012

Making After-dinner clean up fun - ingenious social design by Mary

Sometimes my mother is just so clever.

She came to Sydney for Christmas and New Year, with another brother, Dom. The whole mob came for dinner the other night, to enjoy the pretty suburban house I'm house-sitting, here in Turramurra

As I was licking the last of the Christmas cream from my dinner plate, my mother turned to me and said
"Name three tasks you would like done".
"Mmm... walk the dog. Clear the table. Wash the dishes".

"People!' she announced. "I have a game. In the garden is hidden a treasure. Whoever finds it gets to watch the three loosers do one job each. Go! 

John finds the treasure.

Thats an inspiring way to look at the tasks of 2012.
To find a way to never every 'power thoug'h procrastination.
Instead, to prepare cleverly, to  design a way that makes each task a fun game for myself.

If that takes cooking for friends to get me over a rough bumpy task, wonderful!
I can do that.

Happy New Year


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