Monday, March 26, 2012

Deco san brings macrobiotic playfulness to harborside Sydney

Deco Nakajima is the Audry Hepburn of Macrobiotic cooking teachers - tiny, lively and loved.
She lives a rural permaculture life with her American photographer husband, and has five, FIVE children.

Anne and Deco Nakajima, with Cecilia

I heard she was in Australia, on tour.
Then suddenly yesterday the family turned up for dinner at my place, here in Sydney.
What a surprise!

I was a bit worn out after running a workshop, but Permacutlure people make the most of what they've got, so the four of us (and a good fridge and good gurilla garden) came up with a lovely dinner.
Ingrediants included millet, sorrel, mushrooms, purple carrot, and dutch cream potatoes with rosemary and smoked salmon, and some greens from the Orange Grove Organic Market.

Here's how it looked:

Oh no, we've already eaten it!

The food gets us all flirting.
Miki the yoga translator from Byron Bay, 
Cecilia the Permacutlure Fairy (why does everybody call me this?) 
Nakajima Deco the macrobiotic legend. 

Alluring ladies, practicing their charms, and the Sydney Harbor bridge. 

Cool Nakajima Titbits

Deco's daughter Anne lives in Bali, and goes to the amazingly beautiful Green School

Deco's son goes to to CLCA at seaside Odawara, where I designed the Permaculture garden and ran workshops

Deco's Farm Brown's Field takes WWOOFers, and they speak English. 
You can go there, grow rice, take deep baths, and sip tea, joyfully. 

She gave me a myoga root, which I have already planted. 
Myoga is one of the reasons I always try to be in Japan in June. 
We really, really have to start an edible Japanese 'doorstep' garden project here in Sydney. 

Good Idea!

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