Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday's workshop - Refining your profile, not as easy as it looks

Last Sunday's workshop was fun, super-useful, and attended by my favourite kind of people. 
So its on again - This Sunday, Harborside Balmain. Tell your creative mates. 

Who came? 
How did we turn our fuzzy descriptions of self and work into a haiku of deft, persuasive communication?
Lets see... 

 Cast of Characters (left to right)

Laura the graphic designer multi-talented permie, 

Eimear, Music therapist, fiddle-player, chiropractor, and permie-to-be

Rebeca the Naturopath & organic co-op founding permie

Vince the Wordpress website designer and Permie from Singapore

Cecilia the international woman of mystery

and not seen, but heard,
Paul Boundy, monumental Permaculturist of Sydney

Around the corner, Annandale Village, the place for hot cross bus

Roasting bunya nuts, toasting buns, turning fruit into salad

The mission was to refine our descriptions of what we do and who we are, to attract and keep high-quality customers over 2012.

If this was easy, we would all have clear and compelling profiles on our websites.
We don't. 
But with practice, with each others feedback, and with The Matrix, we are on our way.

Here it is, the positioning matrix, developed by Matt Church of thought leaders. 
I first saw it in 'Fast, Flat and Free,' by internet marketing guru, Gihan Perera.

How did we go fitting into the Matrix? 

It was a darn big challenge. 

We found we were not just describing what we do, we were re-defining and re-creating who we are and how we will work in the future. 

Wholistic Healer, co-op creator, and natural Permie, Rebecca,
with a generous bag of tricks including bunya nuts for teatime

Because this is all too confronting to do at once, we tried practicing the model with a 'Lie Boldly' version of our amazing selves and our extravagant achievements.

Here is a fine example, with the categories from the matrix above in their own colours.

All about You:

Your obsession, Category, and history:

"For the last 19 years I've been a pioneer of social Permaculture design, with a mission for helping the over-priviliged create exciting, energising home lives.  Im author of 3 bestsellers, including  'Design power, not willpower' and 'Tantric dishwashing - tango though daily life with Permaculture'

All about your Work:

Uniqueness: why they should choose you and not another, an analogy that clarifies what you do, and a story that illustrates it.

Through years of travel and research, I have lived in the homes of some of our centuries greatest achievers and seen the design 'tricks' these essentially ordinary people use to arrange the support for their astonishing results. Like a skilled chiropractor I can immediately see the whole picture, that while pain might be here, but the problem is way over there. With a small, disarming adjustment, the pressure is taken off, and your life blossoms. After a kitchen and communication 'declutter' session, one client-family went from years of ignoring each other, to raucous shared dinnertimes, 3-5 nights a week.  

All about your Clients: 

Their true purpose in work and life, their pressing problems, and what they can buy from you to solve these problems  (This helps them see that you understand them, and see them in a good light)

My corporate seminars,  home consulting, and how-to guides rely on design-power, not will-power, to help you and your staff and family be the most cared-for selves they can be, with a home that supports and inspires them to go out and make their creative contributions to the world.
 Being the most posh house in the street was, after all, groaningly tedious

There you go! 
Thats' the lying version. 
Now we know how to do it, we just have to write one that could really be us.
Our very best selves.

Please have a go yourself. 
I'd love to get an email of you results, even just your drafts.

Sharing the surplus - Rebecca's whole street had a garage sale that morning. Here the unsold goods are on their way to the op shop, via us.
Everything this lady does has 3 - 5 multiple benefits.
Just by becoming a master wholistic health practitioner, she turned herself into an unwitting social Permaculture virtuoso. 

Completion Day
We will be holding a completion session this coming weekend, in Balmain. 
If you know someone culture-creating who should be there, send them along. 

Back at my Balmain Home, watching the ships go by

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