Thursday, April 5, 2012

What is life for? Its for you! Profile writing workshop in Balmain

Lunch: smoked salmon & lemon cream pasta,  greens and garnish picked from the
guerrilla garden I planted last year. Vegetarians had mushroom and sage cream, bless them. 
Looking at these photos from our profile-creation workshop the other weekend, my mind says 'this looks familiar". 
Yes, I know this is our second go at it, as we found in the first workshop in Annandale that writing a profile is HARD. But super-absorbing. 
It forces us to rewrite how we work and even why we work, and that kind of re-framing doesn't happen in a day. 

But thats not the 'familiar' that I'm talking about. My 'familiar' memory is heaps older.

What would I have been doing on a typical Sunny Saturday,  34 or so years ago? 

Eight year old me, with flowers pegged to the swing,  suburban Chadstone  1978

I would have been doing something constructive with my six little brothers and sisters, out in the suburban garden.  Something that we ourselves took the initiative to do, and would do for 8 hours at a time.

We would dig a bunker to hide in, in case there is another war. We would  dig for dinosaur bones, and find them. We made curry-powered mud pies, and layer them out alluringly, taking a covert position as we waited for the bad big boy down the road to stumble upon then and irresistibly eat one. 

Those are the things I did 34 years ago, and really, nothing has changed. 
Here I am with six creative people, different ages and types, but cohesive,  all engrossed in something we don't want to stop doing.

Vince the website Designer of competence and focus

And 34 years later, I still ensure I am always surrounded by flowers. 

Rebecca the wholistic health practitioner

Vince setting the tables

What I loved about the day is that I had an idea that I would help my guests write profiles, but I didn't know exactly how, or the timing. 

Everyone make their contribution, just like when we were children - someone would start the singing, someone would find he lost tools, someone else would go and fetch icypoles.  
Furniture re-arranging was always on the menu.  
Back then, if we wanted a nice house, we just thought one up. 
Thats kind of what I did here, but real - I'm now in my second autumn of house-sitting, and I am grateful.

Rebecca brought food for the vegetarians. 

Eimer the chiropractor brought her fiddle, and played it as a kind of mental sorbet, to refresh our minds after intense writing. 

Vince and Kerry-Anne re-arranged the tables on the verandah, making a kind of pretend restaurant. We resisted the urge to cover it with a blanket and eat underneath it though. 

 Laura brought her professional photographer husband to share, calling us out one by one for a shoot in the harbour-reflected light.  We all went home with beautiful photos, taken in no time, and put right onto our laptops. 

Not even photoshoped. Alex Larumbe, you are darn clever. 

Alex and Laura have a small, creative Aids Prevention charity. 

I think its not just me. The things that gave us joy as children are probably the things that will make us happiest now.

Whats life for?
Its for you! 

Thats the line to tell yourself when times are tough,
Being eight again, and finding mates to do it with will all help.

To do fun things in Sydney, join the Tim Ferriss Meetup group To do fun things all the time, register for my 2-day 'inside Permaculture' Design workshop, at the Permacutlure Sydney Institute, Sept 22 & 23, St Albans NSW


M said...

Oh how much I need this workshop! If only it was in Melb I would be there in a double. It occurred to me the other day that I need to display my passion more openly. And not be so reclusive.... So I've purchased you friend's book "Fast, Flat and Free" and am looking forward to some inspiration on injecting passion into my bio, profile and other bits...

Many thanks for the inspiration.

Cecilia Macaulay said...

Thank-you M. If you organise the workshop, get enough people, I will come and teach it!
Im getting good at it now.

Im looking forward to seeing how you use Fast Flat and free. I also recommend Gihans regular free Webinars.

Have a beautiful week,